Board Of Directors

The Executive Board/Our People.

OIC board of directors.

Occidental Insurance Company was incorporated in 1984 and started transacting insurance business 1987. At the end of the first years’ business, the company attained a gross premium of 11 million shillings, growing steadily to attain a gross premium of 2.6 billion in 2014.

The board members

Jimnah Mbaru


Jimnah Mbaru is one of the leading investment bankers in Kenya. He has a wealth of experience in Banking, Insurance as well as Management.

He sits in the Boards of several Investment and Insurance companies in Kenya. He is a Management Graduate in addition to having a Law Degree.

Asok Ghosh

Managing Director

Currently the Managing Director, Mr. Ghosh is an economics graduate and an Insurance Fellow with a vast knowledge of the Insurance industry, both locally and abroad. He is the Chief Executive Officer of OIC.

He is and has also been a member of various committees in AKI and works closely with IRA to improve the Kenyan Insurance industry.

Dipak Shah


Dipak has tremendous experience in management and marketing.

He is currently running Dodhia Packaging Limited, which has a reasonable market share in the country in packaging. He is well-conversant with the Kenya manufacturing and service industries.

Tejal Dodhia


Tejal is well known for the role she plays as an investor in the textile industry in Kenya. She owns and runs Thika Cloth Mills Ltd, which is one of the leading textile companies in Kenya and employs a substantial Kenyan workforce.

She also sits in the Boards of a number of companies ranging from manufacturing to real estate.

She is a Business Administration Graduate with a wealth of knowledge in company management.

Mayank Patel


Mayank Patel is an Economics Graduate with a wide knowledge of Finance. He currently runs a financial institution offering financial advisory services.

He also sits on the Board of a number of companies.

Shailen Shah


Shailen is an experienced Administrator, Marketer and Financial Planner with a wealth of knowledge in Banking and Finance.

He currently runs a number of companies ranging from manufacturing to real estate.

Archna Bursara


Archna is an Economics graduate, a Senior Auditor, a Strategic Planner and a Management Consultant. She is well conversant with financial matters in the daily running of corporations both locally and abroad.

She sits in the Boards of various companies in Kenya.

Mike Eldon


Mike Eldon is the founder and Chairman of management consultancy, The Depot (The Dan Eldon Place of Tomorrow). The consultancy supports change management by aligning energy around a common vision and healthy values, helping organizations achieve their strategic goals. Mr Eldon is an Economics Graduate and a Sloan Fellow of the London Business School.

He is also a Fellow of the Kenya Institute of Management. He has been previously heavily involved in ICT business in London and then later in Kenya. Mr Eldon was the founder Chairman of the Kenya ICT Federation. He was also the Chairman of the Council of Kenya Institute of Management and also sits on various other boards. He writes a regular column in the Business Daily newspaper and has written a book touching on his aspirations and in it also gives hope to Kenyans.

Ismail Mawji

Company Secretary

Mr. Mawji was appointed as the Company Secretary in August 2013. He is the founder and Senior Partner in Mawji Sennik and Company, Certified Public Accountants.

Mr. Mawji is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya and a Chartered Accountant from United Kingdom and a member of the Institute of Directors (Kenya).

For many years Mr. Mawji has served in the Insurance Committee of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya and on the Corporate Governance Committee of The Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya.

Mr. Mawji is aged 67 years.

Isaac Ng’aru


Mr Ng’aru has over 40 years’ experience in Insurance and Risk Management. A well-known figure in the Insurance industry in Kenya, Mr Ng’aru has been instrumental in formulating strategy documents for both listed and non-listed insurance companies.

He currently runs his own Insurance Consultancy Firm, which specializes in Risk and Insurance Management.

He holds a Master of Science Degree in Risk Management and Insurance.

Fukunda Mbaru


Mr. Fukunda is a graduate in Economics, Politics and International Studies.

He is quite knowledgeable about various economic aspects of corporations across the world. He is an economic investment analyst in various companies around the globe.

He has also sat in the councils of a number of global organizations with mandates to drive economic and political agenda in various countries.