Your home is very important, it contains all your belongings, memories and comforts. Therefore, making sure it is fully secure is one of the most important things you can do. Despite putting relevant security measures there is still risk of theft, damage and natural calamities occurring. These risks you cannot fully eliminate them but you can protect you house and its contents against them by taking Domestic package insurance. 

Below are 3 main reasons why you should buy home insurance in Kenya.

  1. To protect your most valuable house assets
    Imagine walking one day to your home and finding all your house belongings have been stolen or damaged by floods and lightening. The last thing you will ever want hear is that you will never see again that valuable asset you just acquired. However, with domestic package insurance you are assured all your house contents are protected.  Our Domestic package insurance protects your house and its contents from:  i) Earthquakes and lighting strikes.
      ii) Theft and burglary
      iii) Harmful Damage.
      iv) Damage caused by Fire.
  2.  To protect you from incurring high costs replacing your belongingsit is those jewelleries, electronics, seats and other contents inside make house home. But incase they are ruined  replacing them  when they are damaged or stolen can proof to be an expensive affair resulting to you been unable to get them back. However, with the correct domestic package insurance you are assured replacing your them will not cost you since they are well taken care of by the policy.
  3. To have Inner peace 

     Knowing that your home is secure gives you peace of mind in your daily activities. You don’t have to keep on worrying what will happen in night, during the day when you go to work or during an occurrence of natural calamity 

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