Motor Private Insurance

Get the best Motor Private Insurance for your Vehicle today and live, life confident.

Private Car Cover Summary

Provides cover for your private car.This policy covers against accidental damage or loss to the vehicle and also extends to cover against third party liability arising out of the use of the car.

Scope of Private car insurance cover

1.) Motor Third Party Only:

This is a basic insurance policy that covers against liabilities that arise from your vehicle causing bodily injuries and property damages to third parties. It is a minimum requirement by the law for any motor vehicle owner.

2.) Motor Comprehensive Cover:

This is a comprehensive policy that provides insurance against theft and material damage of the vehicle in addition to third party bodily injury and property damage liabilities that your vehicle causes. With additional premium the cover can be extended to cover Political violence and Terrorism risks. 

  Private car cover features

  1. Free windscreen replacement
  2. Radio Cassette replacement
  3. Medical expenses
  4. Repair authority

Additional benefits at a cost

2.Excess Protector

Requirements to Get Private car insurance Cover.

1.  Copy of National ID Card.

2. Duly filled Proposal Form.

3. Premium Payment Fees.

4.  Copy of your Car Logbook.