Thare are various types of motor accidents. These accidents include: Self-Involvement accident, Accident involving a vehicle and pedestrian, Accident with another vehicle and a hijacked Car. Self-involvement accident occurs when insured vehicle is involved in an accident without a 3rd party (Any other vehicle or a person). Incase of Self-Involvement accident here are steps that you should follow:

 1 Check your safety and that of passengers:  If you are injured call for first aid help from Kenya Red cross, nearest emergency response team or ask for help from bystander. If you are not seriously injured and can move, check on your passengers to make sure they are safe if they are injured carryout first aid help and call for emergency response.

2 Seek Medical Attention:

3. Take photos of the accident scene: If you have a device (mobile phone or camera) take photos of the cars and any other crucial evidence which will be used while filing a claim. Talk to witnesses and get their personal contacts.

4. Call the police: Inform the police officers about the accident. They will document and generate the abstract for you which will be crucial while filing claim.

5. Notify your Insurer: