travel insurance frequently asked questions

Travel insurance frequently asked questions.

Is is necessary to have medical insurance for travel policy? Can I extend my Insurance Policy beyond 3 months?

1.Why do I need Travel Insurance?
If something goes wrong without travel insurance, one can get stranded on foreign shores, e.g. sickness.
Many foreign countries require mandatory insurance cover before granting visas.
2. Is medical examination necessary / a prerequisite for travel policy?
No, only for special cases, e.g. persons over 70 years.

3. Can you extend travel insurance?
Yes, you can extend your policy if you are delayed getting home for an unforeseen circumstance.
4. Does travel insurance cover multiple countries?
Yes, except the country in which you live.
5. What about Travel Advisory Warnings?
The insurance becomes invalid.
6. When is Premium payable?
Premium payable before / at commencement of cover. It is , Payable in Kshs, USD or Euros.
7. How do I get travel insurance quote?
To get our travel insurance click on the here and fill travel insurance quote form. We shall generate the quote and send to you.

8. Does you travel insurance cover covid19?

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